Creative conceptualization is our specialty. We are very detail oriented and will leave no aspect of your event untouched. We can personally design and produce all the key elements of your event to ensure your vision is set forth as you have envisioned. From the invitations that set the tone of your event, to your focal points an statement pieces, to the lighting, event furnishings, centerpieces, fresh florals, floral sculptures, linens, china, glassware, fabric draping to so much more! We can provide as much or as little as you need for your special event.

Each and every event that we do is specific to our client's needs and of course everyone's budget differs. Our Corporate Clients usually have a pretty good idea of budget so this makes it very easy to figure what is an d is not fitting to an event. While our Private Clients often come in not knowing what to expect. In this situation, the first thing to do is to decide on what elements you are most important to you and we will delegate your budget accordingly.
There are basically three categories to our design of an event....
1. THE LAYOUT. We walk through your event space with you. There is nothing like being there in person and walking the venue as your guests will to see just the areas that are most important for us to focus on. After the walk-thru, we will create a computer generated,'to-scale' layout for you ..leaving no day of/set-up surprises.
2. THE SCENE. This can include important 'room-changing' aspects such as event furnishings, event lighting, fabric draping and props.
3. THE MOOD. Of course the mood is set by all elements, working together in your chosen event location but is so very reliant on how the space is transformed to captivate and allure your guests in not only seeing but experiencing your vision. This is where details some in. Starting with the invitations to set the tone for the event, the details of an event are the finishers...the linens, chair dressings, florals, china, flatware patterns, as well as the hired entertainment and menu presentation.

We recommend that you first call to check availability of our event design services. When we take on an event, we want to handle it all. We know flowers but we are not a floral shop. Our work and design is reserved only for our Event Clients. If available, we will go over your needs, expectations and determine if we are a good fit for your budget. We are not a 'cookie-cutter' operation and we are not one to cut corners so we want to make sure that we can meet your needs, your exspectations and your budget without compromising quality.

Please call for information and minimums for your event.

Our Wedding Design services is much like our Event Design. However, it is a collaboration of personality from both the Bride and the Groom. We love to personalize Weddings and ABSOLUJTELY love it when guests walk in and not only "WOW" and marvel at the Ceremony Site and Reception but when we hear them say "this is so Julia" or "that looks like Tyler" then we know we have reflected the couple's style and personality into the event and for guests to recognize that...that makes it all so WORTH IT! Weddings are so personal and we really get to know not only our Brides but their families. We have even become a 'family tradition' so to speak for some ....daughter's wedding, sister's wedding, cousins's wedding all the way to baby showers. We have been blessed to get to know so many wonderful people by offering our services and talents. We hope to be a blessing to you and your special day.

Prints (custom wedding invitations, ceremony programs, reception prints, thank you cards).
Flowers (personal flowers and focal points for ceremony, centerpieces and focal points for reception)
Design (all event rentals, lighting, fabric drapings, table settings, etc.)
Coordination (we can be hired to stay with your ceremony and/or reception to be your voice, to assist and to ensure your event to run smoothly)


For over a decade now, we have had two sayings...."There's no Crying in Catering" least that's what our T-shirts say and what we tell one another. ha.ha ....and.... "Life is too short for dull food", which we strongly believe. We take the presentation of our food just as serious as we do the quality. We can guarantee that we offer the freshest and highest quality off-premise catering that you can find. Our reputation depends on it.
We have a minimum of 75 guests for catered events. You may view our suggested menus for popular items or we have a knack for menu customization.

Appointment Only.
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